Orthopaedic care by an athlete, for athletes

Elite Orthopaedics of Las Colinas is the home of orthopaedic care by athletes, for athletes. With orthopaedic experience of almost thirty years, our active, athletic physician finds that helping you get out of pain and back to functioning again is the best part of what she does. Dr. Teeter has a passion for helping you get back to your active lifestyle as completely and quickly as possible.

Bedside manner + personal experience + first rate training = the best orthopaedic care in the area

Our board certified, orthopaedic surgery specialist is among the best and brightest the field has to offer. Her experience and training coupled with attentive bedside manner and true appreciation for the love of sport and activity makes her the choice for many of the area’s athletes who have been derailed by injury and long for a prompt, complete recovery that allows them to return to their physical activities of choice. As an athlete, she has personal experience with some of the aches and pains that go with serious track and field training, boating, rapelling, hiking, and any number of other activities you may enjoy as well. Of course, the experience extends far beyond what she has endured personally, but she can certainly relate to the urgency you feel when you’re injured and wanting to recover.

Trust your care to us and get back to the sport you love

Trust Elite Orthopaedics of Las Colinas with your injury and your treatment plan because as an active person, she appreciates your eagerness to return to the physical activity you crave and she'll devise the plan that’s best suited for your injury and your sport.

A subspecialty of orthopedic care, Sports Medicine addresses treatment, prevention and rehabilitation for athletes and active people suffering from injuries due to sports and active lifestyles. Injuries common to sports medicine are most often due to over use and strain of muscle groups, tendons, ligaments and bones.This is caused by excessive and/or repetitive motions, normally in the shoulders, knees and/or ankles.

We can help you overcome a variety of injuries such as: